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Welcome to Northwest Birding!  Here you'll find our latest travels to enjoy the rich and bountiful bird and wildlife in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (and places beyond).  Our trips involve a combination of camping, hiking, and nature watching as well as birding.  We try to find places that have a balance of all those needs.  My goal of the web site is to share places I've enjoyed (and some not so much) and hopefully inspire a few to go out and enjoy the wonderful outdoors as well!   And even if it doesn't inspire, I hope this web site will at least provide some source of entertainment.  


10.2021 Over a rare sunny October weekend, we enjoyed the beauty of the Puget Sound and old growth forests at Deception Pass State Park.

10.2021 Our second panademic trip of the year was to visit our friends in Bozeman, MT and being a part of the record-breaking masses going to Yellowstone National Park.

6.2021 A wonderful weekend camping at Wenas Creek in Eastern WA with friends was full of sapsuckers, nighthawks, wildflowers, and good company.

5.2021 We had the opportunity to spend a couple of days with WDFW scientists who are working on the endangered Pygmy Rabbit populations in Douglas and Grant Counties. We stayed at Soap Lake, a unique town, while we were out there.

5.2021 Our first real vacation since the shutdown - it's been almost 1.5 years since a decent vacation. We drove down to Malheur NWR in Oregon and spend several more days traveling around in the area. It was wonderful getting away again.

4.2021 A weekday day hike on Manastash Ridge proved the best way to avoid crowds. This popular trail right outside of Ellensburg has seen a lot of pandemic traffic - unfortunately the trail has suffered from it.

3.2021 Our quasi-annual trip to the Potholes area to see the Sandhill Cranes and our mental reset for a new spring was a great getaway.

3.2021 Our first camping trip of the year was at Fort Ebey State Park on Whidbey Island. The views into the sound were great and the beach was fun to explore. The forest, however, could have used some TLC. Left to grow without management stunts both botanical and animal life in a densely grown forest.

Featured Trip:

Hiking through the tall redwoods in northern California.
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