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Narragansett, Rhode Island
June 2014

Yet another place I would have never visited if it were not for work! In June, I spent one week in Narragansett, Rhode Island. Most of the daylight hours, I was working at the EPA lab, but in the few hours before and after work I visited a few parks and drove along the scenic highway. The two places I visited the most were Trustom Pond National Wildlife Refuge and John H Chafee Preserve. Trustom Pond NWR is the last coastal pond in Rhode Island. It hosted a variety of habitats - meadows, deciduous forest, freshwater ponds, marsh, sandy beach, and swamps. The most numerous bird was the Yellow Warbler, which sang from most tree tops on the reserve. Also seen were a Black-and-White Warbler and an American Redstart. The Eastern Towhees were also plentiful with their begging fledglings. At the freshwater pond, I spotted a Yellow Warbler tending to a 3 blind nestlings. The bullfrogs and green frogs were calling loudly and a Common Snapping Turtle was crossing the path to perhaps lay eggs. Along the sandy beach of the outer coast, three Piping Plover chicks picked and ran among the cobbles while Least Terns brought in their catches. At the John H Chafee Preserve, the eastern woodlands were full of song from Wood Thrushes, Baltimore Orioles, and Red-eyed Vireos. Near the coast, Prairie Warblers sang loudly from foilage. This park was a great place to bird for any birder unfamiliar to eastern birds and any birder needing a quick birding fix with easy access and wide flat trails. Although my time on the east coast was short, I managed to see a couple of life birds as well as revisit birds I hadn't seen since long ago.

Pictures (click on the pictures to enlarge)

Bird List
Common Eider beach
Black Scoter beach
Canada Goose T (parents with chicks)
Mute Swan T
Gadwall T (pair)
Mallard T
Wild Turkey T (heard), one seen on side of road
Double-crested Cormorant T, J
Great Egret T (1)
Snowy Egret roadside marsh
Green Heron T (1)
Turkey Vulture T
Osprey T (parents with nestling, close to fledging), J, roadside nest
Cooper's Hawk roadside
Piping Plover T (coastal, 2 with 3 chicks)
Killdeer roadside
Willet roadside marsh
Ring-billed Gull beach
Laughing Gull T (coastal, 1)
Herring Gull T
Great Black-backed Gull T, J, beach
Least Tern T (coastal, many hunting, bringing fish to beach)
Common Tern T
Rock Pigeon roadside
Mourning Dove T
Ruby-throated Hummingbird T
Downy Woodpecker T, J
Hairy Woodpecker J (fledgling with mom)
Northern Flicker (Yellow-shafted) T
Eastern Wood-Pewee J (1)
Great Crested Flycatcher J (1)
Willow Flycatcher T
Eastern Phoebe T (1)
Eastern Kingbird T (2)
White-eyed Vireo T (1)
Red-eyed Vireo J (many singing)
Warbling Vireo T
Blue Jay J
American Crow T, J
Fish Crow T
Tree Swallow T
Barn Swallow T
Black-capped Chickadee T, J
Tufted Titmouse T, J
White-breasted Nuthatch T
House Wren J
Marsh Wren T
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher J
Wood Thrush J
American Robin T
Gray Catbird T, J
European Starling T
Cedar Waxwing T, J
Black-and-white Warbler T (1)
Common Yellowthroat T, J
American Redstart T (1, female)
Yellow Warbler T, J
Prairie Warbler J
Eastern Towhee T (many fledglings), J
Song Sparrow T
Chipping Sparrow hotel
Scarlet Tanager J (pair)
Northern Cardinal T, J
Rose-breasted Grosbeak T (1, female)
Red-winged Blackbird T, J
Common Grackle T, J
Brown-headed Cowbird T, J
Orchard Oriole J (1 male)
Baltimore Oriole J (1 seen, 2 heard)
House Finch T
American Goldfinch T, J
House Sparrow roadside
Eastern Gray Squirrel T, J
Eastern Chipmunk T, J
Red Squirrel T, J
Mink roadside
Eastern Cottontail many
Snapping Turtle T
Green Frog T, J
Bullfrog T
White-tailed Deer J

T = Trustom Pond NWR
J = John H Chafee Natural Preserve


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