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Welcome to Northwest Birding!  Here you'll find our latest travels to enjoy the rich and bountiful bird and wildlife in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (and places beyond).  Our trips involve a combination of camping, hiking, and nature watching as well as birding.  We try to find places that have a balance of all those needs.  My goal of the web site is to share places I've enjoyed (and some not so much) and hopefully inspire a few to go out and enjoy the wonderful outdoors as well!   And even if it doesn't inspire, I hope this web site will at least provide some source of entertainment.  


12.2022 Although we still have a lot of life in front of us, we took a once-in-a-lifetime trip to South Africa and Botswana. We waited almost 3 years to make this trip. But the wait was worth it! We saw amazing wildlife and beautiful scenery while on safari in the Okavango Delta of Botswana and along the Western Cape coast of South Africa.

09.2022 An early fall trip to Dungeness Recreation Area and National Wildlife Refuge was an enjoyable time sunset, bird, and planet watching.

08.2022 Before the end of summer, we headed to the mountains southeast of Mount Rainier to Cash Prairie and Bethel Ridge.

07.2022 We found a quick nature fix along the Palouse to Cascade trail at Easton, WA. No grand views, but plenty of bird song and a sprinkling of wildflowers.

06.2022 If you can't find summer, go out and seek it. During a particularly wet and cold spring, we went over the mountains to Robinson Canyon for sunshine and relaxation, which we found both of!

05.2022 We traveled to Eastern Washington for quick and short sunshine fix along the Columbia River at the Rocky Coulee Recreation Area and the Whiskey Dick Ridge.

04.2022 Still working on my webpage for our trip to Southeastern Arizona, where we got plenty of sunshine, amazing birds, great wildlife and beautiful sky islands.

03.2022 Our annual trip to see Sandhill Cranes and camp at Potholes State Park was a combination of fun and relaxation.

02.2022 In need of a quick nature fix, we returned to Bay View State Park for some camping, raptor and snow goose view near Padilla Bay.

01.2022 Happy New Year! We spent a foggy weekend on Marrowstone Island at Fort Flagler State Park. Great time scoping murrelets and watching out for tsunamis!

12.2021 For our last camping trip of the year, we spent a wet and windy couple of days at Cape Disappointment State Park on the Long Beach Peninsula. This was also our first time staying in a yurt, which given the weather, was a great advantage.

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Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument is just the place I like imagining during the winter months.
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