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Teanaway Community Forest, WA
September 2018

For our annual Master Birder camping trip we went to the Teanaway Community Forest near Cle Elum. We spend a couple of days birding the meadows and ponderosa forests of the area. We ate way too much, had a grand time catching up with old friends, and still had time to bird and enjoy the scenery. The Red Crossbills (of several types) kept us constant company at our campsite. I always look forward to these annual events.


Pictures (click on thumbnail to enlarge)

Bird List
Mallard RR
Hooded Merganser RR
California Quail T
Wild Turkey T
Pied-billed Grebe RR
Rock Pigeon RR
Eurasian Collared-Dove RR
Mourning Dove T, RR
Double-crested Cormorant RR
Turkey Vulture T
Osprey RR
Sharp-shinned Hawk T
Cooper's Hawk T
Red-tailed Hawk T
Western Screech-Owl T
Great Horned Owl T
Belted Kingfisher RR
Williamson's Sapsucker T
Red-naped Sapsucker T
Downy Woodpecker T
Hairy Woodpecker T
Pileated Woodpecker T
Northern Flicker T, RR
Merlin RR
Western Wood-Pewee T
Willow Flycatcher T, RR
Dusky Flycatcher T, RR
Pacific-slope Flycatcher T
Say's Phoebe T
Warbling Vireo T, RR
Steller's Jay T
Black-billed Magpie T
American Crow T
Common Raven T
Violet-green Swallow T
Black-capped Chickadee T, RR
Mountain Chickadee T
Chestnut-backed Chickadee T, RR
Red-breasted Nuthatch T, RR
White-breasted Nuthatch T, RR
Pygmy Nuthatch RR
Golden-crowned Kinglet T
Western Bluebird T
Hermit Thrush T
American Robin T, RR
Gray Catbird RR
European Starling RR
Cedar Waxwing RR
Evening Grosbeak T
House Finch T, RR
Purple Finch RR
Red Crossbill T
Pine Siskin T, RR
American Goldfinch RR
Chipping Sparrow T
Dark-eyed Junco T, RR
White-crowned Sparrow T
Savannah Sparrow T
Song Sparrow RR
Spotted Towhee T, RR
Western Meadowlark T
Red-winged Blackbird RR
Brown-headed Cowbird RR
Common Yellowthroat RR
Yellow-rumped Warbler T, RR
Western Tanager T
Black-headed Grosbeak RR

T: Teanway Community Forest
RR: Cle Elum Railroad Ponds


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