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Potholes State Park and Columbia NWR, WA
March 2024

We returned to Potholes for our annual spring camping trip. We enjoyed the sunshine, walked the open mesas of Columbia NWR, listened to 1000s of Snow Goose on the Potholes Reservior, watched the flocks of Sandhill Cranes gliding overhead, and stopped by the windy Whiskey Dick on the way home. Surprisingly there was a great number of wildflowers in bloom than I had ever seen compared to past years. Normally I enjoy seeing these colorful splashes of colors, but the fact it seemed much to early was disconcerning. A reminder that global climate change is happening. The low snow pack at Snoqualmie Pass was also disheartening. Enjoy it all while we still have it. Do what we can to save it.


Pictures (click on thumbnails to enlarge)

Bird List
Snow Goose P, C
Canada Goose P, C
Northern Shoveler C
Mallard C
Green-winged Teal C
Ring-necked Duck P
Lesser Scaup P
Bufflehead P
Common Merganser P, C
Ruddy Duck P
California Quail P, C
Ring-necked Pheasant P, C
Eurasian Collared-Dove P
Mourning Dove P
Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon) C
American Coot P
Virginia Rail C
Sandhill Crane C
Killdeer P, C
Ring-billed Gull P, C
Double-crested Cormorant P
Great Blue Heron P
Great Horned Owl P
Northern Harrier C
Bald Eagle C
Red-tailed Hawk C
Downy Woodpecker P
Northern Flicker P
American Kestrel P, C
Say's Phoebe C
American Crow P
Common Raven P, C
Horned Lark C, W
Tree Swallow P
Violet-green Swallow C
Cliff Swallow C
Rock Wren C
Canyon Wren C
Marsh Wren C
Bewick's Wren C
Ruby-crowned Kinglet P
European Starling P, C
Mountain Bluebird C
American Robin P, C
Cedar Waxwing P
House Sparrow P
House Finch P, C
American Goldfinch P
Dark-eyed Junco P, C
White-crowned Sparrow C
Vesper Sparrow C
Song Sparrow P, C
Western Meadowlark C
Red-winged Blackbird P, C
Yellow-rumped Warbler P
Coyote P (heard)
Yellow-bellied Marmot C
Red Squirrel P
Pacific Tree Frog P (heard)
Flowers in bloom:
Arrowleaf Balsamroot C
Upland Larkspur C
Woolly-pod Milk-vetch C
Yellow Bells C, W
Sagebrush Bluebell C, W
Longleaf phlox C, W
Northern Biscuitroot C, W
Canby's Biscuitroot C, W
Prairie star C, W
Hooker's Balsamroot W
Sagebrush buttercup W
Sagebrush violet W
Daggerpod W
Fragile onion W
W: Whiskey Dick, LT Murray WA
P: Potholes State Park
C: Columbia NWR


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