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Potholes State Park, Columbia NWR, WA
March 2023

Seeking an early spring, we head over to Eastern Washington for some warmth and the chance to see the return of the Sandhill Cranes. We spent out time exploring the area below the O'Sullivan Dam where we saw an impressive flock of Snow Goose, who were also traveling back north. The sky was full of them flying in formation when they took off of the reservoir. It was quite the spectacle and the noise.

On this trip, we also revisited the Hanford Reach by going to the more popular North slope trailhead. The trail follows the bluff northward along the Columbia River until it hits two sizable sand dunes. It was an interesting and beautiful area, but the south end of the bluffs seems to offer more in the way of nature and wildlife viewing.


Pictures (click on thumbnails to enlarge)

Sandhill Cranes practice their displays in the fields near Othello

Bird List
Snow Goose P,C
Canada Goose HR,W,P,C
Cackling Goose C
Tundra Swan W, C
American Wigeon HR,P
Mallard HR,W
Green-winged Teal HR,W
Ring-necked Duck HR
Bufflehead HR
Common Goldeneye HR
Common Merganser HR,W
California Quail HR,P
Ring-necked Pheasant HR,W,P
Pied-billed Grebe HR
Eurasian Collared-Dove P
Mourning Dove HR,P
American Coot HR,W,P
Sandhill Crane W, C
Killdeer HR,P
California Gull P
Double-crested Cormorant HR,W
Great Blue Heron HR,W,P
Northern Harrier W
Red-tailed Hawk C
Sharp-shinned Hawk HR
Bald Eagle P
Barn Owl P
Great Horned Owl P
Downy Woodpecker P
Northern Flicker W,P
Loggerhead Shrike W
Black-billed Magpie HR
American Crow HR
Common Raven HR,W,P
Tree Swallow HR,P
Violet-green Swallow HR
Cliff Swallow HR
Rock Wren HR
Bewick's Wren P
European Starling P
American Robin HR,P
Cedar Waxwing P
House Sparrow P
House Finch HR,P
Dark-eyed Junco HR,P
White-crowned Sparrow HR,W,P
Song Sparrow W,P
Western Meadowlark HR,W,P
Red-winged Blackbird HR,W,P
Yellow-headed Blackbird Roadside
Brown-headed Cowbird P
Yellow-rumped Warbler HR,P
Coyote P (heard)
Mule Deer C
Red Squirrel P
Pacific tree frog P (heard)
HR: Hanford Reach, North Bluff Trail
W: Waluke Pond
P: Potholes State Park
C: Columbia NWR


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