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Marin County, CA
June 2018

We spent a long weekend in Marin County (north of San Francisco) with a group of great friends. While we weren't busy hanging out at our friend's beautiful house, we did get out to enjoy some of the fantasic local scenery. The Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility housed some great water birds and a nestbox of young Barn Owls. At the Point Reyes National Seashore Abbott's Lagoon, we enjoyed the wonderful wildflowers, colorful garter snakes, and a pair of Snowy Plovers. At the Mount Tamalpais Watershed, we hiked among the meadows and oaks to soak in the colorful flowers and butterflies. It was a wonderful weekend made even better with friends.


Pictures (click on thumbnail to enlarge)

Bird List
Canada Goose PR,EC
Mute Swan EC
Northern Shoveler EC
Mallard EC
Surf Scoter PR
Common Merganser MT
California Quail PR
Double-crested Cormorant PR
Great Egret EC
Snowy Egret EC
Turkey Vulture PR,EC,MT
Osprey PR,MT
Red-shouldered Hawk EC
Red-tailed Hawk PR
Virginia Rail EC
Black-necked Stilt EC
American Avocet EC
Snowy Plover PR
Western Gull PR
California Gull EC
Forster's Tern EC
Band-tailed Pigeon MT
Mourning Dove MT
Barn Owl EC
Anna's Hummingbird EC,MT
Belted Kingfisher MT
Acorn Woodpecker MT
Northern Flicker MT
American Kestrel MT
Olive-sided Flycatcher MT
Pacific-slope Flycatcher MT
Black Phoebe EC
Hutton's Vireo MT
Warbling Vireo MT
Steller's Jay MT
California Scrub-Jay PR,MT
American Crow PR,EC
Common Raven PR
Northern Rough-winged Swallow PR,EC
Tree Swallow EC
Violet-green Swallow PR,MT
Cliff Swallow EC
Chestnut-backed Chickadee EC,MT
Bushtit MT
Brown Creeper MT
Marsh Wren PR,EC
Bewick's Wren MT
Wrentit PR
Swainson's Thrush PR
Hermit Thrush MT
American Robin EC
Northern Mockingbird EC
European Starling EC
Orange-crowned Warbler MT
Common Yellowthroat PR
Yellow-rumped Warbler MT
Wilson's Warbler MT
Grasshopper Sparrow PR
Dark-eyed Junco MT
White-crowned Sparrow PR
Savannah Sparrow EC
Song Sparrow PR,EC
Spotted Towhee PR,EC,MT
Bullock's Oriole EC
Red-winged Blackbird PR,EC
Brown-headed Cowbird PR
Great-tailed Grackle EC
American Goldfinch PR,EC
Mule deer EC
Sonoma chipmunk MT
Garter snake PT, MT
Yellow-legged frog MT
Alligator lizard MT
Rough skinned newt MT
Western fence lizard PT, MT
Western pond turtle MT
Acmon blue
Chalcedona checkerspot
Ochre ringlet
California sister
Yellow bush lupine PR
Cobweb thistle PR
California poppy PR, MT
Cow's clover PR
Common yellow monkeyflower PR
Beach morning glory PR
Varied lupine PR
Ithuriel's spear PR
Douglas iris PR
Seaside woolly sunflower PR
Blue eye grass PR, MT
Seaside wild buckwheat PR
Seaside heliotrope PR
Headland wallflower PR
Yellow sand verbena PR
Bluehead gilia MT
Slender clarkia MT
Pacific false bindweed MT
Sticky monkey flower MT
Yellow mariposa lily MT
California yerba santa MT
Oakland star tulip MT
Coast flatsteam onion MT
Canyon liveforever MT
Coyote mink MT
California buckeye MT
Hermann's bird's-foot MT
Red larkspur MT
Coast range stonecrop MT
Red ribbons MT
Red columbine MT
Western azalea MT
Indian pink MT
PR: Pt. Reyes--Abbotts Lagoon Trail
EC: Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility
MT: Mount Tamalpais Watershed--Old Sled Trail, Carson Falls Trail, Kent Lake


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