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Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, WA
September 2018

Out to enjoy the last reminants of summer, we headed to the Olympic National Park. We camped at the Heart O' Hills campground surrounded by tall cedars and doug-fir. From there it was a short drive up to the top of the ridge where we soaked in the sunshine and the views of the Olympics. The hikes atop of the ridge were busy with tourist, but wasn't too crowded. We hiked out to Hurricane Hill where we were surrounded by the tamest Black-tailed Deer, Olympic chipmunks, and a covey of Sooty Grouse on the open brown grasses of the meadows. We also hiked along the ridges up to Klahhane Ridge where we saw a pair of mountain goats despite the recent park's attempts to cull and remove them from the park.

Along the way home, we stopped at Dungeness Spit, where we had great views of Rhinocerous Auklets, Marbled Murlets, and Pacific Loons (still in their summer plumage) among the rafts of kelp that was washing in.


Pictures (click on thumbnail to enlarge)

Bird List
Surf Scoter D
White-winged Scoter D
Sooty Grouse HR
Horned Grebe D
Red-necked Grebe D
Band-tailed Pigeon HR
Pigeon Guillemot D
Marbled Murrelet D
Rhinoceros Auklet D
Ring-billed Gull D
Glaucous-winged Gull D
Pacific Loon D
Common Loon D
Pelagic Cormorant D
Double-crested Cormorant D
Great Blue Heron D
Bald Eagle HR,D
Great Horned Owl HR
Northern Pygmy-Owl HOH
Barred Owl HOH
Belted Kingfisher D
Red-breasted Sapsucker HOH
Hairy Woodpecker HR
Northern Flicker HR,HOH
Peregrine Falcon D
Canada Jay HR
Common Raven HR
Chestnut-backed Chickadee HOH,D
Red-breasted Nuthatch HR,HOH,D
Brown Creeper D
Pacific Wren HOH,D
Bewick's Wren D
Golden-crowned Kinglet HR,D
Ruby-crowned Kinglet D
Townsend's Solitaire HR
Varied Thrush HR,HOH
Hermit Thrush HR
American Robin HR,D
American Pipit HR
Cedar Waxwing D
Red Crossbill HOH
Pine Siskin HR,HOH
Dark-eyed Junco HR,HOH
Golden-crowned Sparrow HR
Savannah Sparrow HR,D
Song Sparrow D
Yellow-rumped Warbler HR
Townsend's Warbler D
Scottland Bells HR
Piper's Bellflowers HR
Pacific Tree Frog HOH
Black-tailed Deer HR
Mountain Goat HR
River Otter D
Olympic Chipmunk HR
Douglas Squirrel HOH
Rough-skinned Newt D
HR: Olympic NP--Hurricane Ridge
HOH: Olympic NP; Heart o' the Hills CG
D: Dungeness NWR


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