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Potholes State Park, Columbia NWR, WA
March 2022

It's so nice to return to some normalcy after 2 long years. We returned to our annual tradition of camping at Potholes to soak in some sun, wander the mesas, and enjoy the returning Sandhill Cranes. On this visit we enjoyed the great weather and company of friends. It was a little early in the spring, but we saw plenty of Sandhill Cranes circling overhead. Two large flocks of Snow Goose passed overhead. At the state park, a pair of Great Horned Owls called back and forth near a nest in one of the conifers. And a single Black-necked Stilt feed in the shallows of the ponds at Birder's Corner.

We stopped off at Gingko Petrified Forest on the way home to take in more sunshine among the blooming Hooker's Balsamroot and Tufted Phlox. Weekend was a perfect way to greet a new spring.


Pictures (click on thumbnails to enlarge)

Bird List
Snow Goose C
Cackling Goose C
Canada Goose P,C
Trumpeter Swan C
American Wigeon C
Mallard C
Ring-necked Duck C
Lesser Scaup C
Bufflehead C
Common Merganser C
California Quail P,C
Ring-necked Pheasant P
Eurasian Collared-Dove P,C
Mourning Dove P,C
American Coot P,C
Sandhill Crane P,C
Killdeer P,C
Black-necked Stilt Birder's Corner
Greater Yellowlegs Birder's Corner
Ring-billed Gull P,C
Double-crested Cormorant C
Great Blue Heron C
Bald Eagle P
Red-tailed Hawk P,C
Great Horned Owl P
Downy Woodpecker P
Northern Flicker P,C
American Kestrel C
Say's Phoebe C
Black-billed Magpie C
American Crow P,C
Common Raven C
Horned Lark C
Northern Rough-winged Swallow C
Tree Swallow P,C
Violet-green Swallow C
Ruby-crowned Kinglet P
Rock Wren C
Canyon Wren C
Marsh Wren C
Bewick's Wren P,C
European Starling P,C
American Robin P,C
House Sparrow P
House Finch P
American Goldfinch P
Fox Sparrow P
Dark-eyed Junco P
Dark-eyed Junco (Slate-colored) C
White-crowned Sparrow C
Song Sparrow P,C
Spotted Towhee P
Western Meadowlark P,C
Red-winged Blackbird P,C
Yellow-headed Blackbird Birder's Corner
Brown-headed Cowbird P
Yellow-rumped Warbler P
Coyote P (heard)
Mule Deer C
Mink C, Soda Lake
Nuttall's Cottontail P
Red Squirrel P
Pacific tree frog P (heard)

Morning cloak C
Gray hairstreak C
Large marble C
Yellowbells C
Prairie star C
Hooker's balsamroot G
Tufted phlox G
Wooly-pod milk-vetch G, C

P: Potholes SP
C: Columbia NWR (Grant Co. portion)
G: Ginkgo Petrified Forest SP--Interpretive Trail


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