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Welcome to Northwest Birding!  Here you'll find our latest travels to enjoy the rich and bountiful bird and wildlife in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (and places beyond).  Our trips involve a combination of camping, hiking, and nature watching as well as birding.  We try to find places that have a balance of all those needs.  My goal of the web site is to share places I've enjoyed (and some not so much) and hopefully inspire a few to go out and enjoy the wonderful outdoors as well!   And even if it doesn't inspire, I hope this web site will at least provide some source of entertainment.  


12.2020 Our last camping trip of this effed up year was actually a wonderful short stay at Fort Flagler state park on Marrowstone Island. Leaving the (mentally) pandemic behind (at least temporarily), we enjoyed seeing rafts of Ancient and Marbled Murrelets and the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction.

5.2020 Another social distance friendly hike through Robinson Canyon was relaxing and rejuvenating - something important for our mental health. Fresh air, singing Lazuli Bunting, sweet smelling lupine, and not many people around. Couldn't ask for much more...

5.2020 With state lands back open, we went to Whiskey Dick Ridge - state land between Kittatas and Vantage. Also a great place for social distancing, for enjoying sagebrush birds, and to mentally escape and recharge - something we all need to do in these times.

4.2020 As we hunker down at home due to the Covid-19 panademic, I get to enjoy the spring migrants that pass through our backyard. During this challenging time, it's nice to find comfort in the birds that come through our yard.

2.2020 Our first camping trip of the new year was out to Dungeness Spit - a surprisingly natural area in the middle of a lot of people.

Featured Trip:

Lockdown has me reminicing of travel days of old, like our first trip to Ecuador in 2007 through the backwaters of the Rio Napo. It was a rustic and fun trip with friends.
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