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Welcome to Northwest Birding!  Here you'll find our latest travels to enjoy the rich and bountiful bird and wildlife in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (and places beyond).  Our trips involve a combination of camping, hiking, and nature watching as well as birding.  We try to find places that have a balance of all those needs.  My goal of the web site is to share places I've enjoyed (and some not so much) and hopefully inspire a few to go out and enjoy the wonderful outdoors as well!   And even if it doesn't inspire, I hope this web site will at least provide some source of entertainment.  


10-11.2018 New Zealand! We went there for a long vacation and had a great time taking in the beauty and nature of the islands.

9.2018 Our last hurrah of summer was spent atop Hurricane Ridge where we soaked in the sun and had a close encounter with a covey of tame Sooty Grouse.

9.2018 I went camping with my Master Birder classmates at the Teanaway Community Forest surrounded by ponderosa forest, golden meadows, and flocks of Red Crossbills.

6.2018 We spent a long weekend with good friends in Marin County, CA. This unique environment offers great birding and beautiful scenery.

6.2018 My goodness half the year gone and I've failed to update! Spring was busy with work, but there was still some time to play. We went to the Chihuahuan desert of Western Texas and New Mexico, Joe Watt Canyon and Umtanum Creek in Eastern Washington.

10.2017 We took an unbelievable trip to Borneo! Great food, wildlife, rainforest - an ideal vacation!

Featured Past Trip:

Beautiful coralroot on Rampart Ridge, WA
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