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Welcome to Northwest Birding!  Here you'll find our latest travels to enjoy the rich and bountiful bird and wildlife in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (and places beyond).  Our trips involve a combination of camping, hiking, and nature watching as well as birding.  We try to find places that have a balance of all those needs.  My goal of the web site is to share places I've enjoyed (and some not so much) and hopefully inspire a few to go out and enjoy the wonderful outdoors as well!   And even if it doesn't inspire, I hope this web site will at least provide some source of entertainment.  


9.2016 Back to the Wenas Wildlife Area for another weekend of camping. This time we went to Hardy and Black Canyons to welcome the autumn season.

6.2016 Wenas Wildlife Area was a wonderful place to enjoy Ponderosa Pine and many eastern Washington birds.

5.2016 A quick camping trip up in Quilomene Wildlife Area adjacent to the Wildhorse Windfarm. We lucked out on the weather not being too windy. Lots of wildflowers and horned lizards to be found in this little jewel in eastern Washington.

4.2016 Finally! A real camping trip. We spent a week and a half exploring the Mojave Desert - specifically Death Valley National Park, Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge and good old Mojave National Preserve.

3.2016 I spent many weeks traveling back and forth to Newport, Oregon for work. When I wasn't working I did have a few moments to enjoy the rainy, yet beautiful coast.

10.2015 A fall camping trip to the Big Thicket area in Texas was a new experience for us. We saw the longleaf pines, lots of herps and amphibians and a few birds as well.

6.2015 A hot weekend spent camping up at Colockum Pass was worth it - lots of elk, birds and a few wildflowers.

6.2015 A very quick work trip down to Southern California gave me the opportunity to bird at the Malibu Lagoon State Beach.

6.2015 Our annual Class of 2011 Master Birder campout was at Lost Lake in the Okanogan Highlands. Good company and plenty of great birds.

Featured Past Trip:

Larkspur blooming in Robinson Canyon of the LTMurray Wildlife Area
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